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Nice Animal Abuse photos

Check out these animal abuse images:

Happy Tails: Daphney
animal abuse
Image by LollypopFarm
We were looking for a dog for my daughter when Daphney found her. Daphney had been neglected and abused. When we saw her as she was brought into the shelter, she was covered in fleas, had never been groomed, and was a bit odorous. She cleaned up just fine! My daughter was going through a difficult time at that point and Daphney's companionship kept her safe. Daphney's love and devotion to her new "person" gave her hope and purpose.

Daphney is now the queen of our home and making up for the attention she didn't receive in the first few years of her life. She was a member of team Kribbit's Kritters in Barktoberfest 2010, raising funds to give other dogs the same chance she had (and despite her rather short stature, she made the entire walk!). Kay has gone on to survive a bumpy time and thrive at college. And although they both adjusted well to Kay being away at school (Daphney has even visited campus!), they are happiest when they are together. I look at them and often wonder, just who rescued whom?


Annika is the landlord's dog. I love her.
animal abuse
Image by lordog
She's a really sweet dog, but she was abused at her last home, so it takes awhile before she'll trust you. She and Herbie hang out in the back yard together every day.

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