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The boy is not going to do that - is he? - Did he tell the others he was going to pee on the stage floor
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Image by theirhistory
In the Christmas photo, most of the children seem to have their attention on one boy, and an area on the floor by his feet.
If the staff guessed that we were up to some fun, some might go ahead and allow us to do it, taking time to take a photograph rather than stopping the matter immediately, in the mid 1960s it was now more about our 'free' development than total control of us.

In the Children's Home, if you were naughty, you might as well be very naughty.
There was little difference in the punishments. I think a few of the staff even lessened our punishments if we managed to do something a bit different to the normal style of our wrong doings.

During one of the organised play sessions with the adults in control, we had to take an object and make a play scene out of it.
One of the items was a small waste paper bin, after the many hats and other ideas, one of the boys in my group, took the bin, walked into the middle of the hall. Then he pulled his shorts and pants down and sat on the bin, announcing "Sister - Can you wipe my Bot - Bot please".
The odd frown from a few of the adults, but laughter from everyone else. He did not get any punishment.


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Image by ellenm1
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