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Cool Facts About Animals images

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Pat & Jim
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Image by eclectic echoes
Meet Pat (as in Patricia) and Jim. They have moved into a "fixer upper" near the University. It's in a great neighborhood overall but it's sort of on the fringes. A little bit one way or the other and they are on the wrong side of the tracks so to speak.

Seriously then... I've not seen this roosting platform occupied in the past. In part because it is right on a road. Set back less than 4 feet from the road edge in fact. This shot is about as close as I can get to them on foot without disturbing them (though Pat has alerted and is giving me a stern look) . I won't be shooting them from this location again between her alerting to me and the powerlines (which are across the road from their roost.)

There is lots of marsh and brackish, tidally-flushed water right nearby (both sides of the road) and it's only a 1 minute commute to the open sound. No other roosts for about a mile around...so in many ways a great location (nearby golf course too!) If only the cars, joggers and bicycles would bug off. Oh well. Can't have it all, and it is a fixer upper for a young couple.

I'm not sure if this roost will make it through the season, or if they will pack it up and move to a different location. Either way at the end of the season I am going to see about having it moved further into the marsh away from the road (about 30' away and screened from the road by trees and bushes. For as long as they do maintain this roost I will bring one picture a week of Pat & Jim and their adventures to make this fixer upper work at "Nest K"

Time Flies
facts about animals
Image by YST (aka kryptos5)
Two summers ago, he was just a little kitten. But now, he's grown into an adult feline. Talk about how time flies! It's as I stepped off the plane in Narita airport yesterday when in fact, 5 years have passed. With my thesis and presentation over, I'm still figuring out what to do in my last month in Japan.

100mm, f/2.8, 1/400, ISO 400

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