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Cool All About Animals images

Some cool all about animals images:

99/365 - C is for Cat
all about animals
Image by Ruth_W
Today's posting: Find an object beginning with the letter 'C', post it then Tag it with #TP520.
I find our black cat really difficult to photograph, and not just because he runs away. He comes out either too dark or too contrasty - this is more like him. It's all about the light!
(I'm a couple of days behind a photo a day, but I'll make it up!)

Mysterious red lines
all about animals
Image by Kol Tregaskes
Yep, very bad quality, the lens fogged up when I took it from my bag and into the cold of the morning. Purpose for uploading is, though, to ask what are those red wavey lines all about? They were not in the view and didn't appear on any other photos.





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