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Subject: Hellooo, Down There..! :: Rose-breasted Grosbeak Male
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Image by Cindy Sue Causey
Subject: Hellooo, Down There..! :: Rose-breasted Grosbeak Male (Pheucticus ludovicianus, LC)
Camera: Kodak Z740 Zoom
Date: 2010.10.13 (fall)
Location: Talking Rock, Pickens County, North Georgia, USA

Anecdote :: This is where not always taking notes hurts, especially with respect to degenerating cognition.. Well, that or there are just SO many birds coming and going anymore, it's getting really hard to keep track..

In this case, am not quite sure now of the exact timing of the Rose-breasted Grosbeaks first showing in this yard.. *Think* it was a year and a half ago during Fall.. It was five (5) males eating sunflower seeds on the walkway by the porch.. Then sometime in Spring I saw this somewhat unidentifiable larger brown job there by herself for a couple of days.. THEN come this last Fall (2010), both arrived together..

Won't even try to guess how many were actually here this past Fall, but it was *several* that came and went in spurts as migratory season heated up.. If Memory serves anything (and without checking my notes), it was somewhere in the vicinity of 20+..

Between all the comings and goings, they were here for about a month with maybe two, three days during that time where I didn't see any at all.. The reason I could tell there were several groups was both the changes in female eating preferences and extremely varied degree of red on all the males, young and old.. The two variables, the eating habits and the coloration, would change at the same time over the month's period..

The shot here was by accident as I was trying to catch this guy's back for coloring.. When my horse passed away, just simply could not bring myself to part with her last feeding bowl.. Was a good CHOICE as it makes for a great impromptu platform feeder as needed.. The Grosbeaks spent a LOT of time in and on it while they were here..

PS.. Am looking at the dispersal map on Cornell Lab's All About Birds.. *Looks like* I am RIGHT smack on the VERY, VERY southern edge of their southeastern summer breeding range.. Here's hoping the little guys and gals remember where they dined a-plenty last Fall.. *grin*

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