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Video: Harley

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Video: Harley
video of animals
Image by Mean and Pinchy
'Scuse phone-quality video, and Flickr cut it short (whole thing is on YT, here, if you're interested), but you get the idea. The low-pitched rumbling sound in the clip is, in fact, this tiny kitten's very big purr. I'd been calling him Harley because his purr reminded me of an idling Harley-Davidson motorcycle. He'd not been on his own for long--it took me only an hour to get him on my lap--but he was a bit thin, so he'd missed a few meals. I almost couldn't leave him at the shelter because as I was agonising over the decision, sitting in the car, he fell asleep on my lap and his little head just sort of "fell over" the way sleepy kittens' often do. As I sit and type this now, I know that he's still at the shelter, and although I don't think it's officially open tomorrow, I know that one of the two women who work there will be in to tend the animals. Allergies...well, I got used to Miff eventually, and as for Miff, he's technically my husband's kitteh, and I don't have a kitteh of my own, plus Harley's not another cat, he's just a small kitten, so...I guess we'll see. What I don't understand is how anyone could just abandon a little kitten (or any domestic animal) in the woods; what kind of person does it take to walk away?

20071123 - Cookie Decorating - Beavis (by Vicky) - 2060814333_cdf045ccea_o
video of animals
Image by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)
An excellent close-up of the top of Beavis's head.

BACKSTORY: Every year after Thanksgiving, Carolyn's family engages in cookie decorating. Clint has never gone, as it sounds intensely un-fun, boring, and a waste of time to him. In also means Clint's holday gets wasted as he can't plan anything to do with Carolyn. )~:

Beavis the cat.

Lowell and Anne Sawyer's house, Occoquan, Virginia.

November 23, 2007.
Pic by Vicky.

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