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Alligator Farm, Alabama

A few nice animal pound images I found:

Alligator Farm, Alabama
animal pound
Image by KellieCA
"Captain Crunch was captured from the wild by Tony Hunter, a nuisance alligator trapper for the state of Florida. He was taken from Lake Seminole near Tallahassee, Florida when it was determined by the state he was a danger to humans and their pets. He had actually learned to leave the lake at night and stalk sleeping dogs in the yards of their owners. Alligators are great at adapting to their surroundings!
When captured, Captain Crunch was officially measured at 13'2" long and weighed 782 pounds. Captain Crunch was also tested by Florida State University professor, Dr. Greg Erikson, who was working through National Geographic, for the amount of force of his bite. Out of hundreds of alligators tested, Captain Crunch set the official world record for bite force by an American Alligator at 2,982 pounds. That record still stands today and likely will never be broken."

Pet of the Weeek: Walter, 14036738
animal pound
Image by LollypopFarm
Walter is a Greyhound/mix who weighs 56 pounds and is just a little over a year old. He came to Lollypop Farm because his previous owner felt he wasn’t getting the attention he deserves.

Walter enjoys being outside where he can stretch his long legs and take a nice run around the play yard. He is a playful boy who loves treats!

A home with children over the age of 16 is recommended due to the fact that Walter has no history living with children. Walter needs to meet the whole family, including all dogs in the household; to make everyone will get along. If Walter has caught your eye, please come to meet him, we think you just might fall in love with this long, lean, leggy fellow!

New compost bin
animal pound
Image by Steven Vance
I think a critter took off with the second biscotti. The paper that held a pound cake has started wearing away.

The yellow things aren't yellow - they're mini donuts that molded before I ate them. How could I let that happen?!

How easy it was to make this: Dug up some dirt from the landscaping in my backyard and threw it in a plastic bin I had lying around. Done. I hear worms are good for this!

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