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Cool Animals Facts images

A few nice animals facts images I found:

animals facts
Image by gumuz
The one reason I actually don't like zoo's is because of the fact the animals are caged...

Wally the Wolf
animals facts
Image by roboM8
17/30 - (Sorry guys, I've already done Wally the Wombat but I can't find another name.)Anyway, Smelly Belly and Wally secretly went onto my Flickr account and looked at all the comments you're giving me. Wally saw the Magik Master say what a excellent background that was so Wally told me I needed a background like that one. Then Lisa commented on the greeness tint of Shauns so we did a tint too. Smelly Belly's fact: There can be from 4 to 36 members in a pack of wolves.

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