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Funny Dinosaur King is Biggest in the World

A few nice facts about animals images I found:

Funny Dinosaur King is Biggest in the World
facts about animals
Image by epSos.de
Free picture of the funny dinosaur king who is the biggest in the world. This funny photo of the giant reptile was created for you by the gigantic friend epSos.de and it can be used for free, if you link epSos.de as the original author of the image.

In the classical system the dinosaurs are looked as an extinct reptile's team. Paleontologists by the investigation receive the knowledge about the dinosaurs from the fossils which are delivered in the form of fossilized bones, skin and fabric impressions as well as by trace fossils.

Dinosaurs have become a share of the worldwide popular culture and play in some of the most successful books and films a role. The dinosaurs were marked by an immense form variety. Some were Herbivoren, other carnivores.

Till 2006 527 dinosaur types were academically described by a respected total number of about 1850 types. With the dinosaurs the legs stood vertically under the body, as with most mammals. Paleontologists by the investigation receive the knowledge about the dinosaurs from fossils and osseous findings play a prominent role.

The early dinosaurs probably took the niches which became free by the extinct teams. Earlier it was assumed from the fact that the dinosaurs forced back the older teams in a long competition.

Pinnate dinosaurs are rare what could be due to the fact that sensitive structures are mostly absent like skin or feathers only seldom fossilieren and so in the fossils. Although dinosaurs varied in the size strongly, dinosaurs were big as a team. The average dinosaur was according to an estimate about one to ten tonnes.

Amphicoelias is a genus of herbivorous sauropod dinosaurs that may Be the largest dinosaur ever discovered. The biggest and heaviest dinosaur who is known by good skeletal findings is of the Sauropode Brachiosaurus. The longest dinosaur known by entire skeletons is Diplodocus.

When the first dinosaurs were discovered, the scientists thought, dinosaurs are change-warm animals. Today it is thought that they might have been able to store warmth, but not to produce it directly.

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this snake is not a crack user
facts about animals
Image by postbear
unlike rob ford, the useless sack of shit neutered mayor that we're stuck with until he's removed from office again or shot to death by police or his dealer's enemies.

i saw the gawker story earlier today, and before it hit the local news. interestingly, less than a week ago i was contacted by someone who would only say he was a member of the media and who wanted to know what i knew about the fords and drug and gun scandals in which they were involved. since i've been having a protracted email battle with a member of the ignorant bigot's staff, i was instantly suspicious that this was a ruse of some sort. i gave him the basics, all facts that anyone can look up online (dui conviction, arrest for possession, his offer to buy oxycontin for someone, and so on), and then we had a little back and forth to feel one another out. he seemed not overly familiar with some of the nuances, but i eventually gathered he wasn't a ford staffer. since he'd found me online, i asked if he'd considered contacting a couple of other specific people who might have more information for him, and after naming one (local political muckraker, of sorts), he said that he'd already been in touch. when i saw the gawker piece, i suspected it was the author or a researcher of his to whom i'd spoken, but that isn't clear. he didn't seem local, but that may just have been an interview tactic. in any event, it's good to know that someone out there thinks i have dirt on tweedlecokehead and his repugnant brother and that enumerating online the crimes of this bigot can potentially help imprison him.

this little guy found me as i was out for a quick walk with the camera in order to avoid killing people at work. he actually crawled up on to my boot while i was taking pictures of a tree, so i'm glad i didn't step on him. when i picked him up, he was completely relaxed, and only got fidgety when i told him the shots would inevitably wind up on some tumblr.

facts about animals
Image by timsnell
during the few weeks that i spent volunteering we had a new arrival of five capuchin monkeys. this group consisted of one adult female, one adult male, one juvenile male and two female babies. there was some discussion over what we should call each of them, and we all came up with different suggestions. in general the animals at the refuge, and in particular the capuchins, were named after different spanish words for food - for example arveja (pea), frijol (bean), mora (blackberry), cereza (cherry). this trend was broken with the new arrivals and they were christened with non food related aymara names. i had a terrible time remembering these, so came up with my own. so the adult female was tufty, on account of being a tufted capuchin, the adult male baldy on account of a big bald patch he incurred after tussling with tufty. the juvenile was wheezy as he had respiratory issues which you could hear whenever he was on your shoulders. i called one of the babies spanky which only came about as i misheard her actual name - i think it sounded similar. the only name which i could successfully memorise and use was for this little one - nayra. i believe this translates as pretty eyes in aymara, a fact which is not too evident from this photo, but you're going to have to trust me on.

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