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Nice Animal Adoption photos

Some cool animal adoption images:

Pet of the Week: Beethoven, 12084847
animal adoption
Image by LollypopFarm
Beethoven is a 10-year-old German shepherd/Greyhound mix who was seized by Lollypop Farm's Law Enforcement Department because he wasn't receiving proper care. After a very lengthy court battle, this handsome gentleman is now available for adoption.

Beethoven is a very sweet boy who would be happiest in a home without young children, due to his age. He enjoys his walks and seems to get along well with other dogs. It would be a good idea for him to meet the children and dogs in your household, just to be certain that everyone will get along. He’s is very smart, and is working on his doggie manners while here at the shelter.

Beethoven is available in the Seniors-for-Seniors program, so adopters age 60 and older can take him home free of charge. Can you give him the forever home he deserves?

San Jose Animal Shelter
animal adoption
Image by mrjoro
The "City of San Jose Animal Care Center," opened in September 2004. It handles pet adoptions (and intake of strays and other pet abandonments). It took over pet intake for San Jose and Milpitas from the Humane Society of Silicon Valley (in Santa Clara).

TinTin Adoption
animal adoption
Image by Ashbet
New update!! We have found an awesome couple to adopt TinTin, and she's going to be going to them on 1/30/13 -- so happy to have found such a perfect placement!


The placement we'd been hoping for seems to have fallen through, so I'm looking for a home for our beautiful foster girl, TinTin. (As regular readers of my journal know, we started fostering TinTin in November, because her owners needed to leave on an emergency basis from a domestic-violence situation.)

She is a sweetheart, incredibly friendly and people-oriented, loves to be petted, will play fetch with her feather-wand toy, likes to talk once she gets to know you, enjoys drinking from a faucet/cat-fountain, and enjoys being brushed (Maine Coons don't need daily brushing and don't get mats if they're indoor cats, but it helps keep her coat silky.)

She gets along well with older children (12 and up -- she hasn't been around younger children much, so I couldn't swear to that), she's fine with dogs, but she needs to live in an *only-cat household* -- we'd be adopting her ourselves, but unfortunately she had been bullied by a younger male cat in her previous home, and because of that, she has been aggressive with our young male cat (chasing, not fighting, but he's scared of her, and I'm having to keep them separated, so this can't be a permanent placement for her.)

She's six years old, FeLV and FIV-negative, she's up-to-date on her shots, we have her complete medical records, our vet says she's healthy and in good shape, she's 15.5 pounds, and she would make a *wonderful* companion animal for anyone who is willing to let her be the only cat in their home -- in return, she'll lavish you with affection and joyous floof! :)

ashbet.livejournal.com/2209495.html for details -- please share!!

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