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Cool About Animals images

A few nice about animals images I found:

out of the water, splashing about
about animals
Image by nadi0
Rocky the Bengal Tiger, Zoo Negara KL.

a beautiful 17-year old boy, without a doubt.

Sad Hopper
about animals
Image by Reini68
Just look at his antennae and his bearing and you will agree: He is so sad! What may have happened to him? Did his girlfriend leave him? Did he lose his job? Or was he just fed up with a big black thing hunting him and throwing light at him?

This hopper was found on the strawberry plants in our garden - just to give you an idea of the size, this is one of the blooms of this strawberry. About a centimeter in diameter.

Canon EOS 350D (Rebel XT) and the EF-S 60mm Macro lens. Additional light by Speedlite 430 EZ and a softbox. Manual Exposure at 1/200 and f/14 (which was a reasonalbe compromize to freeze the motion of the antennae and get enough DOF).

Explore #334
Made it to MiRea's Sanctuary with 30/35.

20060618 - Misfit being weird, floor pulled up to make corpse smell go away - 101-0186
about animals
Image by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)
classy blinds - garbage bags scotch-taped to the window. You see, there's no sense in paying for real blinds, when there's always a chance we may have to take it down. best to wait until things are done. Talk about ghetto. The window on the left uses boards, at least. Classy.

corpse smell - read about it HERE.
It's mostly gone. Pulling up the unfinished floorboards and lifting up the insulation (thus leaving only a millimeter-thick vapor barrier sheet of plastic between us, and the earth below -- piers, no concrete foundation) helped. Opening the windows and having a fan pointed out for a week or so helped. But I couldn't stand the lack of privacy.

Misfit, meanwhile, is just acting weird.

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