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Cool Animals That Are Extinct images

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Vacation V- Prehistoric Gardens 3
animals that are extinct
Image by djwudi
The replicas displayed in these Prehistoric Gardens are fullscale models of primitive cold-blooded animals that lived during that period of time beginning in the Paleozoic era, some 250 million years ago, and ending with the close of the Mesozoic era, some 180 million years later. During this immensely long period of the Earth's history, the reptiles became the dominant form of animal life on all of the then existing land surfaces, in the seas, and even in the air.

These forms of prehistoric life have now been extinct at least 70 million years, but fortunately some of their skeletons were covered by mud or sand before the bones disintegrated; and these fossil bones, preserved in the silt or sandstone of today, have ben removed from therock and reassembled in the larger museums of the world.

The measurements of these mounted fossil skeletons have been used in preparing the life-size replicas displayed here; and the natural setting of primitive ferns and mossis in which they are displayd makes this a "Land of Long Ago," a Prehistoric Garden...

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