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Cool All About Animals images

A few nice all about animals images I found:

Flock of strange chicks arrive at sanctuary
all about animals
Image by rikkis_refuge
When the chickens first arrived, Basil said, ”Wouldn’t it be cool if they were all ostriches?” I can just see those of you who are afraid of the attack roosters, cringing at the thought of 300 ostriches chasing you through the 300 acres of Rikki's Refuge. And if you think the emus looked dangerous, standing at only 5 feet tall, well maybe some are almost 6, wait until you turn around and see a herd of 300 ostriches, 8 feet tall. Love this photo? Want a full sized version? 5 inches high and 37 inches wide, send me an e-mail Kerry@RikkisRefuge.org and I'll send you the "real" thing. Learn all about us www.RikkisRefuge.org and our funny stories www.RikkisRefuge.BlogSpot.com

Expedition Everest in 17 Seconds
all about animals
Image by Brett Kiger
Time for something a bit different... How 'bout one of them newfangled moving pictures we've all heard about? Hold on tight and make sure you lap bar is secure... this is gonna be fast!

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