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Cool Extinct Animals images

Some cool extinct animals images:

Saber-Toothed Cat
extinct animals
Image by Travis S.
This is the profile of a completely articulated saber-toothed cat. It's skull actually looks rather small for the rest of its body. I suppose it makes up for this with the size of its canines.

Puma in sepia
extinct animals
Image by Gabriela Ruellan
Striking a stately pose.
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En una pose majestuosa.

Puma concolor
English: Puma, Cougar, Mountain Lion
Español (de Argentina): puma, león
Avañe'ẽ (guarani): jagua pytã
Qhichwa simi (quechua): puma
Mapudungun: trapial (♂), pangi (♀)
Qom l'aqtaqa (toba): sawaGayk
Wichi: p'uwalháh
Iyojwa'ja 'lij (chorote): k'iwajla

Location / Lugar: Jardín Zoológico de La Plata (La Plata Zoological Garden), La Plata, Buenos Aires province, Argentina
Distribution range / Área de distribución: From Canada to the Magellan Strait (in former times, covering an uninterrupted area). In Argentina it has disappeared from most of the mesopotamic region, Buenos Aires province and the central region, and from coastal Patagonia; it's near-extinct in Uruguay / Desde Canadá al Estrecho de Magallanes (antiguamente cubriendo un área ininterrumpida). En Argentina ha desaparecido de la mayor parte de la región mesopotámica, provincia de Buenos Aires y región central, y de la costa de la Patagonia; en Uruguay está casi extinguido

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