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Cool Animal Cruelty images

Check out these animal cruelty images:

animal cruelty
Image by waldopepper
He's strangely OK wearing hats

killer hornets 2
animal cruelty
Image by YourLocalDave
The second shot I took close up. At first they REALLY didn't like my bothering them but they were too preoccupied. I was too excited to think about using a timer and I almost got stung but it came out decent.

Animal cruelty at FAO Schwartz. Exhibit A
animal cruelty
Image by Daveybot
Seriously. Doesn't the WWF or Greenpeace or anyone care? These poor, noble, normally solitary animals, packed together in unhealthily close proximity, given no food, and sold to children, of all people!

I actually took an awful lot of these pictures, but decided to only upload one in case people found the images too traumatic. Jody has more.

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