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Nice Facts About Animals photos

A few nice facts about animals images I found:

Beautiful dog portrait 'Clyde', by Anderson, Glasgow, ca 1864-5
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Image by whatsthatpicture
One of the favourite images in my collection, an early carte de visite dating from the 1860s. In fact thanks to the image at www.flickr.com/photos/weedonkerr/5412846028/ and the research undertaken by the owner it appears that Anderson was only at Enoch Square from 1864-65 so it looks like we have a surprisingly narrow possible date range.

One of 140 images from a fascinating album. For more information see the full set

Just how many of these images can we identify, and what can we find out about the people they portray?

Retirement with No Problem 2 of 20
facts about animals
Image by johngarghan
Photo 2 - I knew it was their boat because I’m always reading about them finding fallen trees to chop up for fire wood.
For about 3 years I have been a follower of the blog “Retirement with No Problem”
noproblem.org.uk/blog/ The internet diary of a couple Vic and Sue, who retired from the family business to live on a traveling narrow boat “No Problem”, they move each day along the canals of England. Sue originally began the blog so that the family back home in Portsmouth would be able to follow them and now its well read by other boaters because it keeps up to date with anything from the location for the best fuel prices, signs of damage to the canal or near by facilities and a detailed review of the visited pubs food and drink.

Reading the blog I found that they are travelling through the Birmingham area over the weekend, I wanted to find them and introduce myself but I knew it would be almost impossible because they move so quick and they could be anywhere on the city canal system, in fact I tried to find them last year without success. Last week Sue blogged that they are going through the 21 locks at Wolverhampton and I then knew I could find them along that stretch because it takes a few hours to navigate through a small area.

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