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Nice Animal Protection photos

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13/02/2009 7:57 PM - Daisy
animal protection
Image by Barbara.Doduk
A ball of cuddly mush. www.rapsociety.com/catsanctuary/

Daisy's Story

A passerby travelling in Burnaby came across an unconscious kitty at the side of a road. The kind-hearted individual took the animal to the SPCA hospital in Vancouver where she regained consciousness.

Her prospects for adoption were bleak because her face was deformed and she cowered in her cage, growling and hissing. The woman who'd found her pleaded with the SPCA to not euthanize the cat, as she was determined to find a home for her.

Newly named "Daisy" was accepted into our sanctuary to the delight of our volunteers who discovered she was tame and very affectionate. We call her our "Koala cat" and have appointed her the official mascot of the shelter. Daisy is certainly our most popular girl.

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