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Cool Animal Pound images

A few nice animal pound images I found:

animal pound
Image by jonasflanken
A shot from our failed attempt to get Toshiro used to his harness earlier this year. He acts like it weighs 20 pounds, and slinks around when it's put on. We knew he did this, so we left it on him for 2 days. So he went on a 2-day hunger strike and spent the entire time slinking around miserably. We'll have to try the harness again another time.

animal pound
Image by 12fh
Springbok antelope (Antidoras marsupialis.) Mature African springboks weigh only 70-80 pounds and can jump as high as 10-12 feet. The springbok will jump up and down and raise a row of white hair on its back (called "pronking") when danger is afoot. Springboks live up to 12 years in captivity and bear one offspring at a time with a gestation period of 5 1/2 months. Horns are possessed by both males and females.

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