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Cool Animal Friends images

Some cool animal friends images:

I Found a Bunny Friend on the Subway!
animal friends
Image by Tricia Wang 王圣捷
B Train, brooklyn, nyc
I was sitting on the train with gabe, when I looked over diagonally across the train and saw this guy with the Brooklyn hoody holding a bunny puppet. He looked so happy as he was talking to his bunny friend. So I made eye contact with him and pionted to his bunny puppet, and he and his bunny winked at me. Then I thought, this was too special to find another grown up in this world who was not ashamed of being in touch with the inner animal in them, so I walked up to him as we were crossing the bridge into manhattan, and I introduced myself:
Me: hello I am Tricia Wolf, and I was wondering if I could take a picture with your bunny friend.
Man: Sure, his name is Mr. Holksten.
Me: Gabe - take a picture with my camera! (hands camera to gabe)
Gabe: (clicks on my camera)
Me: So why do walk around with a bunny puppet? Are you an actor?
Man: No, my friend gave me this puppet and I carry him with me and I talk to him.
Me: Oh ok, bye.

So that was the end of our exchange, he got off at West 4th and we said bye... I wanted to stop him and get his # (for emilia),- I thought he was so cute - a grown man playing with furry animals. - I know you all must think I am psychotic - picking up on strange males on the nyc subway who talk to puppet bunnies - but I swear he was just seemed so lovely - shit I wear a freaking wolf on my head and I walk around talking to myself, growling at strangers and biting people and come on I AM NOT psychotic. really, I am not. grrrrrrrrrROWWWWWWL

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