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Nice Animal Cruelty photos

Check out these animal cruelty images:

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animal cruelty
Image by Sebastian Anthony
Don't you f*cking touch me with that shit

You have to look closely to see his 'killer eyes', but they're there. Cats often pretend to be asleep. But nothing goes on without a cat knowing, trust me. They KNOW.

After our other cat Eric died, he left us his legacy of fleas -- lots of damn fleas. We're only now getting around to purging the carpets.

I wanted to spray Monaco -- the cat you see here -- but apparently you're not meant to use it on animals... as it's poisonous... lame.

He's a beautiful cat, but because I don't like him much, you haven't seen any photos of him. But he's the only cat we have now... so I'll try to show you a little more of his delicious and silky Henry VIIIesque fatness in the weeks to come.
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Larger, together with Abi and more awesome over on the blog

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